Cracked or Bowed Walls

Signs of a foundation wall problem

Walls that are bowed, cracked, leaning or tilting inward are a sign that something is very wrong with the structural integrity of your foundation wall. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development… “Foundation walls usually move first at the weakest point which is the mid-point of the wall. Walls that have bowed significantly will show a stair-step type cracking pattern usually at the outside corners. This will require corrective action. The condition will not stabilize, it’s a question of how much time remains.”

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Causes of Cracked and Bowed Walls

During construction the three foot area out from your walls (back fill) is put back by the contractor loose and over time it naturally settles. Rain speeds up this process because the wet dirt compresses the backfill, many times causing negative drainage. Hydrostatic pressure builds up against the walls from too much water. Having bad gutters compounds the problem by increasing how much water seeps into the ground next to your house. In the Midwest clay soil is very dominate and expands more than plain dirt. The clay soil that is around your property swells when it is wet or frozen and exerts pressure. That force causes the foundation walls to shift inward, making foundation wall repair necessary.

Insubstantial Bowed Wall Repair Methods

Installing steel I-beams vertically against the bowing wall is one of the oldest repair methods. I-beams installation requires that they attach the beams to your floor joints which causes additional stress on existing lumber framing. This does not provide a means for straightening the bowed walls. You want your basement wall to hold up your house NOT your house to hold up your wall! Another common bowed wall repair method that has become available is Carbon fiber technology that is glued to the wall, but it is not able to stop shearing at the bottom and does nothing to straighten the wall.

We fix bowed and cracked walls

Quality Foundation Repair offers foundation wall repair for houses with bowed and cracked walls in Omaha and the surrounding area. Wall Anchors are a great solution to supply the lateral force needed to support your cracked or bowed wall. For foundation wall repair, contact Quality Foundation Repair for Wall Anchor installation today!

Why Choose Quality Foundation Repair?

  • Minimal disturbance to your lawn or landscaping
  • Can be installed year-round
  • Installed in a day
  • Cost-effective vs. rebuilding foundation wall(s)

Please feel free to contact Quality Foundation Repair for more information about our bowed wall repair services in Omaha, NE, Sioux City, IA, and in nearby communities and we’ll be glad to help you.

How to repair your cracked and bowed foundation walls

Quality Foundation Repair’s certified foundation specialists in Omaha NE, Council Bluffs, IA, Sioux City, IA, and nearby areas have helped over 3,000 homeowners solve their bowing foundation wall issues. With over 20 years experience in diagnosing and designing a solution to stabilize or replace your damaged foundation walls, you can trust the wall repair experts at Quality Foundation Repair. Our team is not only professional, but they care about their clients and will make sure the job is done correctly the first time.

A bowing wall or a wall with cracks in it is no joke. It is crucial that homeowners are proactive when it comes to dealing with this problem.The patented wall anchors are designed to stabilize cracked and bowing foundation walls. Wall plate anchors secure basement and retaining walls that are bowing, leaning or cracking due to too much outside soil pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the result of water buildup in the soil surrounding your home, often due to poor drainage or clogged gutters. Once the pressure has exceeded the original design strength of the wall, cracks will appear followed by leaning or bowing walls, making wall anchors or other foundation repairs necessary.

Wall anchors are used to fix bowing walls. The plate anchors consist of an interior wall plate, an outside anchor and a high quality strength rod tying them together. This unique design has made our wall plate anchor the number one most reliable wall anchors, and it is made in the USA.

The inside wall plate is fabricated from hot-rolled steel and measures 12″ X 26″. The wall plate has two embossed reinforcing ribs for additional stiffness, plus a 4″ square washer that is included for added strength.

The ground plate anchor is fabricated from two high strength plates, has four reinforcing ribs and four cleats providing approximately 430 square inches of soil bearing surface. The wall plate and plate anchor are connected by a 3/4″ diameter continuously threaded steel tie rod and secured with nuts. The plate anchor assembly is hot-dipped galvanized for protection against corrosion for many years of reliable service and support.

The patented plate anchors available from Quality Foundation are the most economical method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize cracking and bowing walls affected by hydrostatic pressure. The installation is relatively quick, uses handheld equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the yard. For more information, contact us or see our engineering section for specifications.

For more detailed information about our wall anchors and bowing wall repair services, or the wall plate installation process, fill out the quick contact form to the right or contact Quality Foundation here!