Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems: Examining Cause and Effect

The foundation is the most important part of a homes structural integrity. If you need foundation repair you will want to get your basement and foundation professionally assessed as quickly as possible. Foundation problems can present themselves in many different ways. To a trained eye, each symptom will provide insight to the specific problem. Each foundation is different and will require a repair plan customized for your unique situation and the structure of your home.

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Foundation Settlement – Look For The Signs

Your basement is a good place to start looking for issues with your foundation, since basement walls and floors are often a part of, or directly connected to, the foundation. Because of the soil type, foundation settling is a common issue in the Omaha, Nebraska area and can cause many problems throughout your home. There are certain signs to look for when determining whether your property’s foundation is settling and in need of foundation repair.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement

  • A crack that is wider at the top
  • Doors will not close, or stick and pinch shut
  • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
  • Cracks in concrete floors
  • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block
  • Windows stick or will not open
  • Gaps in-between the basement walls and the floor

Foundation Repair – Different Approaches for Different Problems

Quality Foundation uses steel piers to repair your settling foundation. There are two different kinds of piers. While they both work to solve your foundation problems, they function slightly different. For more information about how exactly the two different types of piers work, visit our foundation repair page.

Foundation Repointing and Plaster Coating

This service is usually offered to older foundations with a brick and stone foundations and basements. With this type of foundation, the mortar weakens causing the foundation to shift and lose structural integrity. This is usually caused by years of exposure to moisture and humidity in a damp basement. Quality Foundation solves this basement foundation repair problem with our foundation repointing and plaster coating service.

Foundation Replacement – You Do Not Have To Move Out!

For those situations where foundation repair is not possible, Quality Foundation offers total foundation replacement for homes with older foundations. Typically, older foundations do not have a footer and are made with stone or red brick, which will only last so long. To replace these older foundations, Quality Foundation slightly lifts the entire structure off the existing foundation. They remove and replace it with a brand new foundation, leaving your utility lines in tact as to cause the LEAST amount of disruption possible. You DO NOT have to move out during this process.

Foundation settling is a major issue for the structural integrity of your property and most likely requires foundation repair. Trust your foundation with the experts with Quality Foundation Repair, proudly serving the greater Omaha area.