Sinking Foundation

Signs of a Sinking Foundation

A home’s foundation is one of the most important factors of a home’s overall health. When a home’s foundation is in disrepair, the rest of the home’s moving parts begin to fall out of line. There are always signs that present themselves in different ways, such as cracked basement walls or leaks. These signs will give foundation repair experts the clues they need to move forward with a repair solution.

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Some signs of foundation settlement include the following:

    • Cracks in concrete floors
    • Cracked walls
    • Windows won’t open or close
    • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
    • Doors won’t close or stick and pinch shut
    • Wide crack at the top / smaller down low
    • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block

Having a professional foundation repair contracting team evaluate your home’s sinking foundation is the first step in fixing the problem. If you suspect that you are experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, please contact Quality Foundation today! They serve Omaha NE and the surrounding areas. Whether you are being cautious and would like your home evaluated or you are certain there is a problem and need repair work done immediately, Quality Foundation will provide you with a free in home estimate. This will give you everything you need to fully understand the problem and the options that are available to fix it.

Even if you are noticing these problems for the first time or they have existed for a while, now is the time to contact Quality Foundation Repair. Cracked walls or other problems will NOT go away on their own, they should be addressed by a foundation repair expert as soon as possible.

Quality Foundation Repair owner, Steve Gnader, has over 25 years of basement waterproofing and foundation repair experience and has trained over 50 dealers around the United States and Canada. There are no high pressure sales gimmicks or tricks with Quality Foundation. You will receive advice from experts who are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service possible.

At Quality Foundation we will never pressure you into a service you do not need. We will give you our professional opinion about the work that we think should be completed and why. You can view examples of projects completed by Quality Foundation and view real testimonials from previous clients we have completed work for.