Sticking Doors

Why are my doors sticking when I open and close them?

There can be various reasons for sticking doors in your home, but chances are you may be dealing with a sinking foundation. Settling of your foundation is something that most likely happens gradually over time. On a day to day basis, while living in a home, you may not notice the warning signs. While there are a number of signs that homeowners can look out for, sticking doors are one of the more noticeable symptoms because you use them daily. Once you start noticing sticking doors check the windows in your house as well, as often suffer from similar problems.

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What causes windows and doors to stick?

As you may have figured out, windows and sticking doors are often associated with a sinking foundation. As the foundation of a house sinks further into the ground, it throws everything out of alignment making it difficult to open and close doors and windows.

How to repair sticking doors and windows?

No two foundations are alike. Whenever you contact Quality Foundation Repair, they provide their customers with a free in-home estimate to get a better idea as to what the root of the problem is. Once Quality Foundation has inspected the home’s foundation, they can explain the different repair options to the homeowner. One of the most common ways to repair foundation settlement is to install steel piers. These piers are installed at the base of the foundation around the whole structure. Once installed they are lifted in unison by a hydraulic jack. This will sustain the foundation and give it support for years to come.

Foundation Repair Contractor in Omaha Nebraska

The first step in getting sticking windows and sticking doors repaired is to call a professional foundation repair contractor. The professionals at Quality Foundation have been servicing Omaha NE and the surrounding areas for years and have the skills and experience to provide you with top quality service. Never underestimate the severity of foundation sinking, settling and shifting, these problems will not go away on their own and should be evaluated by a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. Contact Quality Foundation today!