Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair in Omaha

Your foundation is one of the most important parts of your home as it holds the entire structure in place. If your foundation becomes in disrepair with wall cracks and water damage, it can become unstable and your whole house will begin to shift and settle. This shifting presents itself in different ways and can happen slowly over time or happen rather quickly. Whether you need foundation wall crack repair or foundation wall waterproofing, Quality Foundation Repair can provide the right solutions for your foundation.

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The First Sign Of Foundation Failure

As a homeowner, you have to be vigilant in regards to home repairs and maintenance. With all the little home repairs that come with ownership, a little crack in your wall can easily be forgotten, but that little crack can be an indicator of major problems with your foundation.
Quality Foundation is here to help you diagnose and prepare a plan to get your foundation repaired as fast as possible. The professional foundation and wall crack repair contractors at Quality Foundation are able to provide foundation repair and foundation wall waterproofing in Omaha and surrounding areas.

Common Causes Of Cracking

Cracking foundation walls are typically caused by foundation settlement. This is movement of your foundation is caused by shifting soil or hydrostatic pressure pushing in on your foundation walls. Sometimes all a home needs is to have the cracks filled, other times it needs full foundation wall waterproofing. Having foundation wall cracks inspected by a professional foundation repair expert is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible for the specific problem you are having with your home.

Some signs that you are experiencing foundation settlement and wall crack issues:

    • Cracks in concrete floors
    • Windows will not open or close
    • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
    • Doors will not close, or stick and pinch shut
    • Wide crack at the top / smaller down low
    • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block

Replacing Foundations

Leaving a cracked foundation wall unchecked will inevitably lead to total foundation failure. When a foundation is beyond saving, it will need to be totally replaced. A foundation replacement is a much more invasive process and is much more costly. Foundation problems get worse over time. The sooner you contact a foundation repair contractor, the better chance that Quality Foundation Repair can save your foundation, providing the necessary wall crack repair services.

Foundation Wall Waterproofing

Even after repairs are made it is possible to still have cracks. These cracks in your foundation can allow water seep into your basement and cause more damage. That moisture can allow mold, mildew and rot to form, jeopardizing the health of your home. Foundation wall waterproofing can prevent unwanted moisture from entering the home.
If you are unsure if what you are experiencing is caused by foundation settlement or water seepage, contact Quality Foundation in Omaha for a free in-home estimate and foundation wall crack inspection to make sure your home is structurally sound.