Water Damage

What You Need to Know

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Every living thing needs water to survive and thrive. As imperative as water is and however much we need it, there is one place we hate seeing it, our basements. The smallest amount of water in the right setting can linger and provide the right conditions for mold to grow. Larger amounts of water can flood basements, causing thousands of dollars of damage and a huge headache for the homeowner. Prolonged exposure to water can have adverse effects on a home’s foundation.

When foundations are first built, typically they are strong and resilient. Over the years, however, even the most well-built foundations are susceptible to water damage, cracks and outside pressure causing the foundation walls to bow inward. Basement water damage can bring an otherwise healthy home to its “knees” with just a few inches of water. Whether you have been dealing with a wet basement for years or you have just noticed the problem areas, it is best to contact a foundation repair contractor and basement waterproofing expert before the problem gets worse.

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Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is caused by many different things. For each different symptom, you see in your home there is a corresponding problem that must be discovered and repaired before a wet basement can be totally dry again. Some problems can be seen easily and repaired quickly, while other times the problem may not be visible above ground and take some time to complete a repair.

  • Surface Water
  • Saturated soil surrounding the foundation
  • and many more…

Surface water is the easiest to see and the easiest to fix. Often times this water comes as overflow from the roof and/or gutters. Improper drainage caused by blocked gutters, landscape slope or even trees and other structures that hang over your roofline. This water falls from the gutters or roof and pools by the foundation. This causes excess water to build around your foundation and may cause leaks. Prevent this from happening by making sure your gutters and roofline are cleared from all debris. Walk around your home and look for any dips in the yard toward your foundation. That may be a sign that water pools near there in heavy rain.

Saturated soil surrounding a home’s foundation can also be a major cause of leaking for flooding in your basement. This happens when all the soil surrounding your home becomes saturated with groundwater. As this happens, the pressure tries to equalize and pushes through the smallest cracks, holes, and pores in your concrete foundation, driven by a force called hydrostatic pressure. To reduce the pressure a sump pump can be installed to collect and dispose of the water surrounding your foundation.

What to do next

In water damage restoration projects where the basement leaks or even floods, time is of the essence. If you let a leaky basement problem proceed continuously, in the end, the damage will be much worse. Ignoring these problems will only be more detrimental to the homeowner in the long run.

At Quality Foundation, we provide both foundation repair services and basement water damage restoration services so we can often fix the entire problem and not just part of it. We have over 25+ years of experience and have been proudly serving Omaha NE and the surrounding areas for years. To learn more about how water damage can affect your home and to hear about our basement waterproofing and foundation repair services, contact us today. We offer in-home consultations and free estimates!