Wet Crawlspace

Common Problems with Wet Crawl Spaces

A common and serious crawl space problem is excess moisture that can cause mildew, mold, rot and other structural damage. The cause of a wet crawl space is usually a dirt floor accompanied by a higher than recommended humidity level. Crawl space encapsulation is a process in which the wet crawl space is dried, sealed, waterproofed, and insulated. Quality Foundation has performed countless crawl space encapsulations and has experience with many different crawl space problems.

After removing debris from the crawl space and the area is prepared, a “U” shaped trench is created and sump pump (if not already installed) is installed at the ground level of the crawl space. After the drainage system is completed, the floors covered with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace. This layer also provides a clean surface that is mold, puncture, and tear resistant. Next, the walls are insulated to help prevent excess airflow from entering and exiting which increases your energy efficiency.

When the crawl space is encapsulated, it is a good idea to include a dehumidification system to maintain the proper moisture levels in the crawlspace. Quality Foundation will walk you through the process and make sure that you have everything you need to maintain a safe and healthy crawlspace.

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