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Crawl Space Encapsulation Service

Crawl space encapsulation in Omaha, Lincoln, and in surrounding communities allows the homeowner to save significantly on their energy bills each month. Below is an example of a typical crawl space encapsulation process.

A crawl space with more than one vent often has an air temperature equal to the temperature outside. By encapsulating a crawl space and then adding insulation in the walls, you create a moisture free weather barrier that not only makes your crawl space dry and usable, but also offers the homeowner savings on energy costs through every season. Crawl space encapsulation in Council Bluffs, IA, Omaha, NE, and in nearby areas will make for warmer floors during the cold winter months since the temperature in the crawl space will now be much closer to the conditioned spaces. It is very wise to have crawl space encapsulation before it costs you any more money.

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Crawl Space Humidity Issues and Remedies

Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes up from your basement or crawl space. This air is often higher in moisture content and carries with it various allergens and musty odors. When conditions linger above 60% relative humidity for extended periods of time, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth is stimulated.

The American Lung Association, American Medical Association, and the EPA recommend maintaining relative humidity level in the 30% – 50% range. In addition to crawl space encapsulation, installing a dehumidifier like the Santa Fe Advance. Protecting your family and your biggest investment is worth having the best dehumidifier in your home.

Crawl Space Dehumidifiers and Dehumidification

The Santa Fe Advance dehumidification system was specifically designed for crawlspaces. The Advance’s horizontal configuration and unique air flow perform exceptionally well in crawlspaces. The optional condensate pump and ducting kits can provide the installation flexibility necessary for almost any application. No conventional dehumidifier can perform as efficiently and effectively in crawl spaces as the Santa Fe Advance.
Efflorescence in Omaha
High Efficiency– Energy Star® for maximum efficiency.

Large Capacity – The high capacity Santa Fe Advance provides 90 pints per day of water removal at standard rating conditions*. Big crawlspaces (up to 2200 sq. ft.) are no problem for the Advance. This single unit can handle the challenges several conventional dehumidifiers often struggle to maintain.

Low Temperature Operation – The Advance was engineered for crawlspaces in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and in nearby areas and the temperature and air flow issues that they present. When many conventional dehumidifiers have stopped removing water, the Advance continues to protect your family and your home.

Superior Air Filtration – MERV-11 filtration is standard on the Santa Fe Advance, capturing particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size. This superior level of air filtration also keeps the Santa Fe Advance working at peak efficiency for longer than other devices with cheaper designs.

Auto Restart – Santa Fe dehumidifiers will automatically restart at the original setting after a power outage.

Optional Equipment – The engineers at Therma-Stor designed ducting and condensate pump kits for use with the Santa Fe Advance. These optional kits provide the ultimate in flexibility for your specific installation requirements.

*AHAM standard testing conditions are 80°F and 60% RH.

Large capacity dehumidification

Consequences of High Humidity in Crawl Spaces

  • Wet crawl spaces contribute to the cupping of wood floors and the deterioration of floor joists, beams, sub-flooring, insulation, and electrical-mechanical systems.
  • Excess crawlspace moisture encourages mold growth on wood and on any other organic material within the area.
  • Crawl spaces are a major source of air infiltration that permeates up into the living area, transmitting odors, carrying moisture, and creating an environment conducive to molds and dust mite infestation.

Large Capacity Dehumidification

The cooler temperatures in crawlspaces in Omaha, NE, Sioux City, IA, and in nearby areas create unique humidity control challenges for homeowners.

The earth under the soil in a crawlspace (or under the basement slab) remains at a near constant temperature of 50-60ºF year round. The ground keeps the surface soil in a crawl space (or the slab in a basement) cool. These cool surface temperatures create micro-environments where the relative humidity of the air approaches its saturation point (100%RH) and condensation (or sweating) can occur. The conditions that result support microbial or mold growth and cause musty odors.

Please contact us for more information about our solutions for reducing crawlspace humidity and moisture.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Quality Foundation Repair understands that water can enter your crawl space in three different ways. It can enter through the earth around your home, through a crack, or through your crawl space vents. No matter how the moisture may get in, if your crawl space in Council Bluffs, Omaha, Sioux City, or in surrounding areas isn’t protected, your home is in trouble. We offer crawl space encapsulation systems as well as crawl space vapor barriers for protecting the area underneath your home from moisture.

Our crawl space vapor barriers are built to be mold, puncture, and tear resistant. They are designed to prevent:

  • Heat loss
  • Wood rot
  • Water vapor migration
  • Water damage
  • Allergens
  • Mold, mildew, and fungus
  • Radon and methane gas

At Quality Foundation, we realize that you want a vapor barrier system for your crawl space in Sioux City, IA, Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs, or in surrounding areas that will protect your home from the ground up. Our crawl space vapor barriers are made from a 20 mil thick triple-ply, antimicrobial virgin polyethylene fiberglass reinforced membrane which provides the highest strength to weight ratio.

For more information about our crawl space vapor barriers in Omaha, NE, Sioux City, IA, or in surrounding communities please contact Quality Foundation.