Common Problems

Save thousands by recongnizing problems early

Detecting early warning signs in your home will not only save you a lot of money it will also save you time and some very unnecessary hassles. Many folks are not conditioned to even consider they may have foundation issues until it's to late. Often we don't get a call until there is severe structural damage and/or water pouring into their basement. This is why we have created this section “common problems” in order to help you identify issues early. Some wouldn't consider a sticky door or a wall crack to be anything serious or perhaps leading to something more serious.

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Bowing Walls

There is never a good time for your home to have foundation problems or a bowing foundation wall. If your home’s foundation walls are starting to bow inward, it is a good idea to have an expert take a look and see if a bowing wall repair may be necessary.

Flooded Basement

Flooded basements are a real problem for homeowners, and have the potential to cause thousands of dollars in damages. There are many different reasons for flooded basements, all of which need to be repaired as soon as possible. Contact us for a free estimate.

Floor Cracks

The short answer is yes. Usually, these types of basement cracks appear in concrete basement floors or garage slabs. These cracks may start out small and may not be very noticeable, but over time they will continue to get worse and compromise structural integrity.

Foundation Problems

The foundation is the most important part of a homes structural integrity. If you need foundation repair you will want to get your basement and foundation professionally assessed as quickly as possible. Foundation problems can present themselves in many different ways.

Leaky Basement

There are quite a few things that can go wrong in a home but little is worse than having a wet, leaky basement. There are many reasons that a home could be experiencing leaky basement walls, foundation water damage or a basement moisture problem.

Settling Foundation

Many homeowners are plagued with foundation settlement issues such as cracked walls or basement leaks. A foundation can settle very rapidly or it can happen slowly over time. This is not something that you should ignore, as foundation settlement ruins your home.

Sinking Foundation

A home’s foundation is one of the most important factors of a home’s overall health. When a home’s foundation is in disrepair, the rest of the home’s moving parts begin to fall out of line. There are always signs that present themselves in different ways.

Sticking Doors

There can be various reasons for sticking doors in your home, but chances are you may be dealing with a sinking foundation. Settling of your foundation is something that most likely happens gradually over time. On a day to day basis your home is constantly shifting.

Wall Crack Repair

Your foundation is one of the most important parts of your home as it holds the entire structure in place. If your foundation becomes in disrepair with wall cracks and water damage, it can become unstable and your whole house will begin to shift and settle.

Water Damage

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Every living thing needs water to survive and thrive. As imperative as water is and however much we need it, there is one place we hate seeing it, our basements. The smallest amount of water can cause huge headaches later.

Wet Basement

Having a wet basement can be much more than a nuisance. A moisture-filled basement can wear the foundation prematurely, causing health-related problems if mold begins to grow. Here are some reasons for a leaky basement, and how to solve the problem.

Wet Crawlspace

A common and serious crawl space problem is excess moisture that can cause mildew, mold, rot and other structural damage. The cause of a wet crawl space is usually a dirt floor accompanied by a higher than recommended humidity level. You should let a professional look at it.