Wet Crawlspace

Common Problems with Wet Crawl Spaces

A common and serious crawl space problem is excess moisture that can cause mildew, mold, rot and other structural damage. The cause of a wet crawl space is usually a dirt floor accompanied by a higher than recommended humidity level. Crawl space encapsulation is a process in which the wet crawl space is dried, sealed, waterproofed, and insulated. Quality Foundation has performed countless crawl space encapsulations and has experience with many different crawl space problems.

After removing debris from the crawl space and the area is prepared, a “U” shaped trench is created and sump pump (if not already installed) is installed at the ground level of the crawl space. After the drainage system is completed, the floors covered with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering the crawlspace. This layer also provides a clean surface that is mold, puncture, and tear resistant. Next, the walls are insulated to help prevent excess airflow from entering and exiting which increases your energy efficiency.

When the crawl space is encapsulated, it is a good idea to include a dehumidification system to maintain the proper moisture levels in the crawlspace. Quality Foundation will walk you through the process and make sure that you have everything you need to maintain a safe and healthy crawlspace.

For more information about crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing services in Omaha, NE and to schedule a free in-home estimate, contact Quality Foundation today!

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Wet Basement

Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Reasons for a leaky basement and how to solve the problem

Having a wet basement can be much more that a nuisance. A moisture filled basement can wear the foundation prematurely, cause health related problems if mold begins to grow and more. If left untreated, a simple leak in your foundation can grow and the problem will become much worse. There are several different reasons that you could be experiencing water in your basement:

  • Hydrostatic pressure pushing water through hairline cracks
  • Improper drainage system
  • Foundation failure

These problems all come with a different set of solutions and must be dealt with individually. When Quality Foundation comes to your home to inspect your foundation, they can pinpoint the specific problems you are having with your basement. Whether the problem is with the foundation or something else, they will design a custom basement waterproofing plan to fit your needs and ensure a dry basement for years to come.

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Professional Basement Waterproofing Company Omaha, NE

When looking to a professional basement waterproofing crew to solve your wet basement problems, you want a company with knowledge and experience. Quality Foundation has been waterproofing basements in the Omaha, NE area for years and offers a 25-year limited warranty on their work. Now you can rest easy knowing that your basement will be moisture free for years to come. You will be able to utilize the space for entertaining, spare bedrooms or whatever you want!

What should I do about my wet basement?

The first step to ensuring that you will receive the best waterproofing service is to have Quality Foundation to your home to inspect the area you are having trouble with. They will ensure that you are comfortable with the work being done by answering your questions and walking you through the process, step by step.

Don’t wait for the next big storm to hit, call us for more information about our basement waterproofing services, and to receive a free in-home estimate. We will inspect your basement for potential faults and reasons you may be experiencing a wet basement. At Quality Foundation, we offer free estimates and will guide you through our basement waterproofing process from beginning to end. Contact us today!

Water Damage

What You Need to Know

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Every living thing needs water to survive and thrive. As imperative as water is and however much we need it, there is one place we hate seeing it, our basements. The smallest amount of water in the right setting can linger and provide the right conditions for mold to grow. Larger amounts of water can flood basements, causing thousands of dollars of damage and a huge headache for the homeowner. Prolonged exposure to water can have adverse effects on a home’s foundation.

When foundations are first built, typically they are strong and resilient. Over the years, however, even the most well-built foundations are susceptible to water damage, cracks and outside pressure causing the foundation walls to bow inward. Basement water damage can bring an otherwise healthy home to its “knees” with just a few inches of water. Whether you have been dealing with a wet basement for years or you have just noticed the problem areas, it is best to contact a foundation repair contractor and basement waterproofing expert before the problem gets worse.

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Signs You Need Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is caused by many different things. For each different symptom, you see in your home there is a corresponding problem that must be discovered and repaired before a wet basement can be totally dry again. Some problems can be seen easily and repaired quickly, while other times the problem may not be visible above ground and take some time to complete a repair.

  • Surface Water
  • Saturated soil surrounding the foundation
  • and many more…

Surface water is the easiest to see and the easiest to fix. Often times this water comes as overflow from the roof and/or gutters. Improper drainage caused by blocked gutters, landscape slope or even trees and other structures that hang over your roofline. This water falls from the gutters or roof and pools by the foundation. This causes excess water to build around your foundation and may cause leaks. Prevent this from happening by making sure your gutters and roofline are cleared from all debris. Walk around your home and look for any dips in the yard toward your foundation. That may be a sign that water pools near there in heavy rain.

Saturated soil surrounding a home’s foundation can also be a major cause of leaking for flooding in your basement. This happens when all the soil surrounding your home becomes saturated with groundwater. As this happens, the pressure tries to equalize and pushes through the smallest cracks, holes, and pores in your concrete foundation, driven by a force called hydrostatic pressure. To reduce the pressure a sump pump can be installed to collect and dispose of the water surrounding your foundation.

What to do next

In water damage restoration projects where the basement leaks or even floods, time is of the essence. If you let a leaky basement problem proceed continuously, in the end, the damage will be much worse. Ignoring these problems will only be more detrimental to the homeowner in the long run.

At Quality Foundation, we provide both foundation repair services and basement water damage restoration services so we can often fix the entire problem and not just part of it. We have over 25+ years of experience and have been proudly serving Omaha NE and the surrounding areas for years. To learn more about how water damage can affect your home and to hear about our basement waterproofing and foundation repair services, contact us today. We offer in-home consultations and free estimates!

Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack Repair in Omaha

Your foundation is one of the most important parts of your home as it holds the entire structure in place. If your foundation becomes in disrepair with wall cracks and water damage, it can become unstable and your whole house will begin to shift and settle. This shifting presents itself in different ways and can happen slowly over time or happen rather quickly. Whether you need foundation wall crack repair or foundation wall waterproofing, Quality Foundation Repair can provide the right solutions for your foundation.

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The First Sign Of Foundation Failure

As a homeowner, you have to be vigilant in regards to home repairs and maintenance. With all the little home repairs that come with ownership, a little crack in your wall can easily be forgotten, but that little crack can be an indicator of major problems with your foundation.
Quality Foundation is here to help you diagnose and prepare a plan to get your foundation repaired as fast as possible. The professional foundation and wall crack repair contractors at Quality Foundation are able to provide foundation repair and foundation wall waterproofing in Omaha and surrounding areas.

Common Causes Of Cracking

Cracking foundation walls are typically caused by foundation settlement. This is movement of your foundation is caused by shifting soil or hydrostatic pressure pushing in on your foundation walls. Sometimes all a home needs is to have the cracks filled, other times it needs full foundation wall waterproofing. Having foundation wall cracks inspected by a professional foundation repair expert is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible for the specific problem you are having with your home.

Some signs that you are experiencing foundation settlement and wall crack issues:

    • Cracks in concrete floors
    • Windows will not open or close
    • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
    • Doors will not close, or stick and pinch shut
    • Wide crack at the top / smaller down low
    • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block

Replacing Foundations

Leaving a cracked foundation wall unchecked will inevitably lead to total foundation failure. When a foundation is beyond saving, it will need to be totally replaced. A foundation replacement is a much more invasive process and is much more costly. Foundation problems get worse over time. The sooner you contact a foundation repair contractor, the better chance that Quality Foundation Repair can save your foundation, providing the necessary wall crack repair services.

Foundation Wall Waterproofing

Even after repairs are made it is possible to still have cracks. These cracks in your foundation can allow water seep into your basement and cause more damage. That moisture can allow mold, mildew and rot to form, jeopardizing the health of your home. Foundation wall waterproofing can prevent unwanted moisture from entering the home.
If you are unsure if what you are experiencing is caused by foundation settlement or water seepage, contact Quality Foundation in Omaha for a free in-home estimate and foundation wall crack inspection to make sure your home is structurally sound.

Sticking Doors

Why are my doors sticking when I open and close them?

There can be various reasons for sticking doors in your home, but chances are you may be dealing with a sinking foundation. Settling of your foundation is something that most likely happens gradually over time. On a day to day basis, while living in a home, you may not notice the warning signs. While there are a number of signs that homeowners can look out for, sticking doors are one of the more noticeable symptoms because you use them daily. Once you start noticing sticking doors check the windows in your house as well, as often suffer from similar problems.

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What causes windows and doors to stick?

As you may have figured out, windows and sticking doors are often associated with a sinking foundation. As the foundation of a house sinks further into the ground, it throws everything out of alignment making it difficult to open and close doors and windows.

How to repair sticking doors and windows?

No two foundations are alike. Whenever you contact Quality Foundation Repair, they provide their customers with a free in-home estimate to get a better idea as to what the root of the problem is. Once Quality Foundation has inspected the home’s foundation, they can explain the different repair options to the homeowner. One of the most common ways to repair foundation settlement is to install steel piers. These piers are installed at the base of the foundation around the whole structure. Once installed they are lifted in unison by a hydraulic jack. This will sustain the foundation and give it support for years to come.

Foundation Repair Contractor in Omaha Nebraska

The first step in getting sticking windows and sticking doors repaired is to call a professional foundation repair contractor. The professionals at Quality Foundation have been servicing Omaha NE and the surrounding areas for years and have the skills and experience to provide you with top quality service. Never underestimate the severity of foundation sinking, settling and shifting, these problems will not go away on their own and should be evaluated by a professional foundation repair contractor as soon as possible. Contact Quality Foundation today!

Sinking Foundation

Signs of a Sinking Foundation

A home’s foundation is one of the most important factors of a home’s overall health. When a home’s foundation is in disrepair, the rest of the home’s moving parts begin to fall out of line. There are always signs that present themselves in different ways, such as cracked basement walls or leaks. These signs will give foundation repair experts the clues they need to move forward with a repair solution.

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Some signs of foundation settlement include the following:

    • Cracks in concrete floors
    • Cracked walls
    • Windows won’t open or close
    • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
    • Doors won’t close or stick and pinch shut
    • Wide crack at the top / smaller down low
    • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block

Having a professional foundation repair contracting team evaluate your home’s sinking foundation is the first step in fixing the problem. If you suspect that you are experiencing some of the symptoms listed above, please contact Quality Foundation today! They serve Omaha NE and the surrounding areas. Whether you are being cautious and would like your home evaluated or you are certain there is a problem and need repair work done immediately, Quality Foundation will provide you with a free in home estimate. This will give you everything you need to fully understand the problem and the options that are available to fix it.

Even if you are noticing these problems for the first time or they have existed for a while, now is the time to contact Quality Foundation Repair. Cracked walls or other problems will NOT go away on their own, they should be addressed by a foundation repair expert as soon as possible.

Quality Foundation Repair owner, Steve Gnader, has over 25 years of basement waterproofing and foundation repair experience and has trained over 50 dealers around the United States and Canada. There are no high pressure sales gimmicks or tricks with Quality Foundation. You will receive advice from experts who are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service possible.

At Quality Foundation we will never pressure you into a service you do not need. We will give you our professional opinion about the work that we think should be completed and why. You can view examples of projects completed by Quality Foundation and view real testimonials from previous clients we have completed work for.

Settling Foundation

Foundation Repair Contractors: Dealing with Foundation Settlement

Many homeowners are plagued with foundation settlement issues such as cracked walls or basement leaks. A foundation can settle very rapidly or it can happen slowly over time. This is not something that you should ignore, as foundation settlement gets worse over time. There are many safety issues as well as long term financial concerns that, without foundation settlement repair, will cost exponentially more.

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First Signs of Foundation Problems

Signs of Foundation Settlement are easy to spot, but often overlooked by many people. The signs are subtle but give great insight to the root of the problem and can help experts determine the best and most effective plan of action. There are many different factors that can cause foundation failure. Signs of a settling foundation include:

  • Stair step cracks in bricks or block
  • Wide crack at the top of foundation wall / smaller down low
  • Difficulty closing windows
  • Cracks in concrete floor
  • Doors sticking and pinching shut
  • Cracked walls
  • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)

Steel Piers and How to Repair Foundation Settlement

Once Foundation Settlement is deemed the problem, Quality Foundation will go to work immediately and repair your foundation. Often times, a settling foundation in Nebraska can be repaired and put back into place using steel push piers. These specially designed hydraulic jacks are placed in strategic points along the foundation wall and work together to provide a synchronized lift, that puts the homes foundation back in place.

Foundation Replacement

Steel Piers are the less invasive choice when it comes to foundation settlement repair in Lincoln NE. If a homeowner waits too long to have their foundation repaired, it is possible that the damage is to severe and the foundation will need to be replaced. If this is the case, the home will need to be lifted off the foundation while a new foundation is built. While Quality Foundation has perfected this process and there is little interruption to your everyday life, this is a much more invasive method and typically costs more.

No matter what it is best to have your foundation problems looked at right away by qualified professionals. If you live in the Nebraska area and you are afraid your home may be experiencing foundation settling, call the foundation repair contractors at Quality Foundation today!

Leaky Basement

Causes of a Leaky Basement | Leaky Basement Waterproofing

There are quite a few things that can go wrong in a home but little is worse than having a wet, leaky basement. There are many reasons that a home could be experiencing leaky basement walls, foundation water damage or a basement moisture problem. Some of those reasons include:

  • Foundation Settlement
  • Cracked or Bowed Walls
  • An Unstable / Failing Foundation
  • Poor Drainage
  • And Much More

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Basement Waterproofing: Why is having a dry basement so important?

A home’s overall health greatly depends on the condition of the basement and foundation walls. Foundation water damage caused by wet, damp conditions in a basement are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold growth, if left untreated can spread and severely decrease the homes value. Because air is circulated throughout the home, the mold and mildew can impact the health of those that live in the home.

Getting a basement waterproofing system from Quality Foundation is a great way to ensure that your biggest investment is safe, dry and will be around to support your for years to come. Quality Foundation offers unique basement waterproofing solutions that are individually tailored to each home. Each home is different and needs special attention to ensure that each system is implemented in the most effective way.

The basement can be a great area for an additional bedroom or media room, as well as storage and other uses. Foundation water damage from a leaky basement makes for wasted space and a health hazard in your home. Besides mold and mildew, leaky basement walls will cause foundation water damage. The deterioration that is caused to foundation walls over time will eventually need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the foundation water damage.

If your basement floods call the experts at Quality Foundation to get a free in-home basement waterproofing estimate and turn your wet basement into an extension of your upstairs living space.

Basement Waterproofing: Solutions for a Leaky Basement

A wet and leaky basement is not the easiest home renovation project to tackle by yourself. It is best to have professional foundation repair experts look at the situation and offer advice and expertise. The team at Quality Foundation has years of experience in Papillion, Nebraska and surrounding areas. Each situation requires different solutions, some common fixes for a leaky basement are:

  • A professionally installed basement waterproofing system
  • A professionally installed sump pump
  • A dehumidifier
  • Contact a basement waterproofing contractor

Quality Foundation Repair offers basement waterproofing services and other foundation repair services throughout select areas in Nebraska. If your home has foundation water damage or a leaky basement, call the experts at Quality Foundation to schedule a free in home estimate!

Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems: Examining Cause and Effect

The foundation is the most important part of a homes structural integrity. If you need foundation repair you will want to get your basement and foundation professionally assessed as quickly as possible. Foundation problems can present themselves in many different ways. To a trained eye, each symptom will provide insight to the specific problem. Each foundation is different and will require a repair plan customized for your unique situation and the structure of your home.

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Foundation Settlement – Look For The Signs

Your basement is a good place to start looking for issues with your foundation, since basement walls and floors are often a part of, or directly connected to, the foundation. Because of the soil type, foundation settling is a common issue in the Omaha, Nebraska area and can cause many problems throughout your home. There are certain signs to look for when determining whether your property’s foundation is settling and in need of foundation repair.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement

  • A crack that is wider at the top
  • Doors will not close, or stick and pinch shut
  • Ripping and tearing in drywall (diagonally)
  • Cracks in concrete floors
  • Stair-step cracks in bricks or block
  • Windows stick or will not open
  • Gaps in-between the basement walls and the floor

Foundation Repair – Different Approaches for Different Problems

Quality Foundation uses steel piers to repair your settling foundation. There are two different kinds of piers. While they both work to solve your foundation problems, they function slightly different. For more information about how exactly the two different types of piers work, visit our foundation repair page.

Foundation Repointing and Plaster Coating

This service is usually offered to older foundations with a brick and stone foundations and basements. With this type of foundation, the mortar weakens causing the foundation to shift and lose structural integrity. This is usually caused by years of exposure to moisture and humidity in a damp basement. Quality Foundation solves this basement foundation repair problem with our foundation repointing and plaster coating service.

Foundation Replacement – You Do Not Have To Move Out!

For those situations where foundation repair is not possible, Quality Foundation offers total foundation replacement for homes with older foundations. Typically, older foundations do not have a footer and are made with stone or red brick, which will only last so long. To replace these older foundations, Quality Foundation slightly lifts the entire structure off the existing foundation. They remove and replace it with a brand new foundation, leaving your utility lines in tact as to cause the LEAST amount of disruption possible. You DO NOT have to move out during this process.

Foundation settling is a major issue for the structural integrity of your property and most likely requires foundation repair. Trust your foundation with the experts with Quality Foundation Repair, proudly serving the greater Omaha area.

Floor Cracks

Are Cracks in my Basement Floor a Problem?

The short answer is yes. Usually, these types of basement cracks appear in concrete basement floors or garage slabs. These cracks may start out small and may not be very noticeable, but over time they will continue to get worse and compromise structural integrity or allow water to seep into your basement. The best thing you can do for a cracked basement floor is call a professional at Quality Foundation and have the damage assessed.

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Cracked Floors: Signs of bigger problems

While a small crack in your basement floor may not seem like much to worry about, a cracking floor may be an indicator of a deeper problem. Typically, when you see cracking in your floor, it’s a sign of foundation settlement. As your foundation settles, basement cracks can become visible. These issues will not go away on their own. Damage to foundations will only worsen with time and foundation crack repair should be started as soon as possible. Calling a foundation expert on the extent of the damage can save you from extensive foundation issues later.

Foundation Settlement Repair

Keeping your foundation in good shape is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the value of your home (and prevent cracked basement floors). If you are experiencing any of the issues above, contact the experts at Quality Foundation for a full inspection. Visit our foundation repair page for more information on the different types of piers and how they can help fix your cracked floors.